Useful FREE WordPress Plugins for any website 2020

WordPress plugins are a very essential ingredient to build a strong website of any type. If you build a dynamic website with WordPress, you will feel the need for many different functionalities. You can add WordPress plugins to add essential functionalities for your website. There are almost 50,000 WordPress plugins are out there.

In this post, you’ll be described some essential WordPress plugins. After integrating these plugins you would have a better experience of using WordPress I hope.

What is WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins
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WordPress Plugins

Basically it is a software to make your site more flexible.

There are many plugins that you can not integrate all of them in your website. But you can pick some essential plugins which will help you to work easily.

Install WordPress Plugins

The installation process of a WordPress Plugin is a very simple and easy task. But you have to know the methods of using those plugins you want to install.

Let’s see how fast you can install a free plugin in your website.

  • Firstly you need to click on the plugins option situated in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on add new plugin.
  • Search with a plugin name which you want to integrate in the search box.
  • Install and active your plugin.
  • Installation complete.

Useful list of WordPress Plugins

There are many plugins in the WordPress plugin’s directory. All of those plugins are free but you can upgrade them into a premium version with a lot of support. But here we are going to show you a list of seven essential plugins for WordPress.

These plugins are very helpful to build or maintain a website. Let’s discuss more…


Elementor wordpress Plugin
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Elementor Page Builder Plugin

To build a website you need to create a lot of pages. Elementor is a plugin which helps you to build pages. It is a modern page builder with a lot of functionality.

You can use premium version of Elementor which is Elementor pro with a lot of functionality and pre-build pages. But you would get enough functionality to work in the free version.


Disqus wordpress Plugin
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Disqus Comment System Plugin

This is a comment system plugin. Comment is a very important part of a website. When a person comment on your blog post or any kind of content, search engine notes that. No matter what kind of comment it is, the search engine follows the discussion and mark your content as an important content.

Disqus comment system is a very essential plugin to integrate a modern comment system with your website. It helps to grow your site traffic and gives users a friendly and effective comment system.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 wordpress
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Contact Form 7 Plugin

To build a better communication with your visitor you need to contact with them. But if you do not keep any option to contact with you by your website, you can not able to contact with your visitors.

Contact Form 7 is a plugin which help you to set up a function to contact with you or your site admin. With the help of this plugin your visitor can contact with you smoothly.

When you add this plugin to your website you would be able create a form to contact you or you can set up a page where you can set up a contact form to contact you.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents
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Easy Table of Contents Plugin

If you’re a blog content writer, this plugin is very helpful for you. By using Easy Table of contents plugin, you can integrate a function which helps you to navigate the sections of your contents.

Easy Table of Contents plugin create a table where the sections of your content could be displayed.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin
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Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin

It is very important to know about your website user’s behavior and many more thing. This plugin is a software which helps you to integrate your WordPress control panel with Google Analytics.

By integrating this plugin you can research on your users. Google analysis your website and show data on a dashboard called google analytics by google ads.

Google analytics dashboard WordPress plugin can help you to find the analysis dashboard on your WordPress dashboard.

Simple Social Buttons

Simple Social Buttons Plugin
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Simple Social Buttons Plugin

Social Media Marketing is very important to grow your business. If you want to gain more social engagements and visitors, this plugin can help you a lot.

You can integrate a social sharing panel on your website contents. Your contents could get engagements more and more by this plugin. But you have to make sure that your contents are helpful and full of quality.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugin
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Yoast SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as very important part for a website to get rank top on the search engine result page. Your website can get it’s targeted visitor by SEO.

Yoast SEO plugin is a very popular plugin of WordPress. This plugin could give you many functionalities to improve your website’s SEO status. Yoast SEO also has a premium version. But you can get enough facilities by the free version of Yoast SEO.

Things to know about WordPress Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins on the internet. But each and every plugin is not going to work for you. So you have to find out those plugins which can help you with your website.

Here I showed you 7 plugins. These WordPress plugins are some basic needs to run a website. When you start work with your website, you may need other plugins.


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Syed Nahid Nur is a passionate knowledge digger. He is a writer, web technologist, and digital marketing strategist. Here he shares his research results about WordPress and web technology.

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