5 FREE WordPress Security Plugins to solve all security issues

Security is a very important thing for your business website. When you built a website with WordPress, you need to integrate it with some WordPress Security Plugins. This way you can keep it safe from every threat.

So security could be an issue that makes harm to your information and also for your business. You have to keep your website safe from hackers, malware & unexpected errors.

Here I come again to inform you about some WordPress security plugins which can solve all of your security issues with your WordPress website and obviously it won’t charge.

So let’s discuss more…

List of Free WordPress Security Plugins

Tons of WordPress security plugins are floating around the internet. But here I’m going to share just 5 free WordPress security plugins. These five is all the solution you need with your website security. So let’s get started with the list.

These five WordPress security plugins completely solve all of your security issues. You would find all of these free plugins in the WordPress plugins directory.

Wordfence Security

wordfence security wordpress
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Wordfence Security Plugin

This security plugin could be a very useful plugin for your WordPress website. Wordfence scans your entire website files to find malware and remove it. Malware and spyware are very harmful to your website.

Wordfence creates a firewall by using its programmed functionalities. It has also a premium version beside the free version.

  • This plugin is based on full of WordPress security. It scans the malicious traffic and codes from your website. So it can protect your data from malfunctions.
  • The Wordfence firewall is unbreakable. It does not break encryption and your data could not be leaked.
  • You can set up a limit of login attempts. So you can keep your website safe from attacks.
  • It scans every file, code, URL to ensure protection from suspicious activities.

Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

BBQ WordPress Security Plugin
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BBQ WordPress Security Plugin

BBQ is a simple security plugin. It blocks all the bad URL requests come to your website. This plugin needs no configuration. It starts work when you activate it. So it is very easy to use.

This plugin monitors every incoming traffic requests and if it finds out any bad request, it simply blocks the request. So BBQ is very essential for safety issues.

  • BBQ is a fast and easy to setup plugin. So many kinds of WordPress websites can be integrated by it.
  • It is capable of blocking a wide range of malicious requests. So you can keep your website secure from bad requests.
  • SQL injection attack is one of the most dangerous cyber attacks. But BBQ would take care of the prevention of this kind of attack.
  • It is compatible with other WordPress security plugins. But it does not need any other plugins to work.

Login No captcha reCAPTCHA

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Captcha Solution Plugin

I think everyone who uses the internet is introduced with google No Captcha reCAPTCHA. It is a captcha security solution for websites. Google claims that it is hard for the robot and easy for the human. So that is considered as the best captcha solution.

The captcha plugin integrates your website with a captcha checkpoint. The human can pass security but any bad robot cannot pass the captcha security. So it is very useful for your WordPress website.

To integrate this plugin with your website you have to add your site to google captcha campaign. There you find site key and secret key which connect your website with google’s captcha service.

Stop User Enumeration

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Stop User Enumeration

Some hackers can scan your entire site for getting your username. This attack is called user enumeration. But you can prevent this attack by using Stop User Enumeration plugin.

This plugin helps you to block every IP where the attack comes from. Hackers want to steal your username to access your website. They could succeed if you do not set up anything to defeat it.

But this plugin creates a security layer on your server’s firewall. So everything would be monitored by the plugin. If it discovers any threat, it would block the IP immediately.

WPS Hide Login

Hide Login WordPress Security Plugin
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Hide Login WordPress Security Plugin

This is one of the most important WordPress security plugins. WPS hide login is a plugin that helps you to change the login URL slug of your website. This is the solution to many problems. So you should integrate your website with the plugin soon.

It works by changing your login url slug. That means you can change your website’s login url. Most of the cases you can see that url slug of a WordPress website contains https://abcd.com/wp-admin. But by using this plugin you can change the slug (wp-admin) to whatever you want.

So hackers cannot find out the login page to scan and steal your password and username.

Final comment

Your website’s future depends on security mostly. People won’t love to visit a website that has not enough security. So that could break your visitor flow.

People don’t like to visit a site without proper security. So you couldn’t generate expected traffic if you don’t have enough security.

Those WordPress security plugins can solve all of your security issues. And you can build a trusty community for sure.

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